Speeding tops repeat violations

Speeding tops repeat violations

The Highway Police Division yesterday revealed that 39% of traffic law violators are repeat offenders. The most common reoccurring offences include speeding and not driving along the left side of the road.

Highway Police Division chief Pol Maj Gen Ekkarach Limsungkask said the number of traffic offences in 2018 was as high as 11,734,415 with one person receiving over 144 unpaid traffic tickets.

There were more than 1,507 repeat offenders who were found to be driving under the influence (DUI) over the last four years. The most common type of vehicles found violating traffic laws were haulage trucks and buses.

Pol Maj Gen Ekkarach said many Thais do not abide by the law because punishments for violating traffic laws in Thailand are weak compared to other countries like Japan where the driver of any vehicle found violating a traffic law is fined.

He also said that after the new Road Traffic Act comes into effect, the Highway Police Division would be able to impose a "point deduction" system properly. This is similar to the demerit point system in place overseas which can result in drivers losing their licences if they offend too often.

"In the past, the point deduction system was not a practical solution to repeated traffic offences as the police database and the Land Transport Department database were not linked, which made it hard to keep track of all the offences," Pol Maj Gen Ekkarach said.

However, the new legislation would require the two databases to be linked.

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