Shan State drug blitz nets big haul

Shan State drug blitz nets big haul

Four villages targeted in raids

Myanmar’s army has launched heavy crackdowns in the eastern Shan State on the border with Thailand to cut off supplies of illegal drugs to be smuggled into Thailand.

Border sources said the operations, which led to the seizure of large quantities of illicit drugs and illegal weapons, would show Myanmar’s commitment to suppressing the drugs and help strengthen bilateral relations.

The sources said the Myanmar army was running the operations with local police forces.

The anti-drug offensives targeted four villages in Mong Ton, Mong Twam and Tachileik townships in the eastern Shan State on Thursday and Friday.

A large drug haul was confiscated, including 4.5 million methamphetamine pills and large consignments of heroin, as well as illegal weapons, vehicles, and precursor substances used in producing the illegal drugs.

Myanmar soldiers and police forces jointly moved into the village of Par Khar in the Tachileik township where security forces seized a total of 4,254,000 meth pills, 900 grammes of ketamine, 5,000 kilogrammes of “brown-powder” heroin, as well as paraphernalia for consuming the drugs and equipment used in drug production.

On Friday evening, the security forces raided a house in Sein Lann Taung park near Ye Pu Sann village in Tachileik. The operation led to the confiscation of 16 bags containing 5.3 kg of heroin and a cache of illegal weapons including several assault rifles and 19,279 rounds of ammunition and drug-making equipment.

Another crackdown was carried out in Pu Nar Ko village of the Mong Ton township where 10,6000 meth pills, 5 kg of crystal meth or ya ice, two guns, and three unregistered vehicles were taken in by the authorities.

In the Mae Kyoute village of the Mong Twam township, a total of 156,200 meth pills, 250 grammes of heroin, 2 rifles, 20 gas cylinders as well as drug making equipment were taken away by the soldiers. A local resident said the Myanmar army went from house to house during the crackdown and several young people fled the villages.

Meanwhile, a Thai drug trafficker has been extradited to Thailand after fleeing to Tachileik township earlier, according to Pol Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang acting Immigration Bureau chief.

Seri Chuaychana was handed to the authorities and arrived back in Thailand on Friday afternoon. He is wanted on eight warrants on charges including possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell, money laundering, and attempted murder.

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