Police arrest bomb, shooting murder suspect

Police arrest bomb, shooting murder suspect

PATTANI: A suspect wanted on four arrest warrants, including one in connection with a car bomb attack at a Big C Supercentre outlet in Pattani two years ago, has been arrested at a security checkpoint in Khok Pho district.

Isamael Musu, 35, a resident of Songkhla's Thepha district, was detained after a car chase was prompted by Mr Isamael acting suspiciously, police said. Driving a motorcycle on a local road, he turned back when he spotted a security checkpoint ahead.

Wearing a full-face helmet, Mr Isamael stopped abruptly about 100 metres before he reached the checkpoint, turned back and tried to speed away when he was captured, the source said.

He allegedly admitted during interrogation that he was involved in the 2017 pickup truck bomb at the Big C store, in which 61 people were injured and two suspects were previously given life imprisonment by a lower court.

Three other arrest warrants issued for Mr Isamael relate to a 2005 deadly shooting attack in Songkhla, a gun attack in 2006, also in Songkhla, and an arms cache raid in Satun.

Meanwhile, a couple were killed in a drive-by shooting before two attackers fled with their motorcycle in Narathiwat's Rangae district yesterday morning. Authorities feared the attackers might be planning to use the motorcycle to engineer a bomb.

The shooting occurred on Huruparoh-Chalabhorn Road in tambon Tanyongmas, said Pol Lt Col Woraphon Sukkaew, investigation chief at the Rangae police station.

Police, soldiers and forensic officers who rushed to the scene found the bodies of two people lying dead on the road with bullet wounds.

Paisarn Chungsakul, 65, of Cho Airong district, had been hit in the chest and left rib while his wife Sumon Chungsakul, 58, was shot in the head and chest. Officers found four spent 9mm cartridges scattered on the road.

A police investigation found that Mr Paisarn and his wife had travelled from their home in Cho Airong district.

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