First Thai woman to climb Everest summits Mount Denali

First Thai woman to climb Everest summits Mount Denali

Follows harrowing failed attempt in 2018

Dr Napassaporn
Dr Napassaporn "Eem" Chumnarnsit on the top of Mount Denali in Denali National Park and Preserve in the US state of Alaska. (Photo from Facebook page Eem Napassaporn)

Doctor Napassaporn "Eem" Chumnarnsit, who became the first Thai woman to summit Mount Everest in 2016, announced last week that she made it to the top of the highest mountain in North America.

Dr Napassaporn, a dentist, wrote on her Facebook page that it took her an entire year to prepare to conquer Mount Denali.

She and her team began the journey to the top last month and reached the summit on June 28. The team started out with several members, but many dropped out along the way. By the end of the trip, there were just four people left, including Dr Napassaporn.

She said her successful climb to the top of Mount Denali followed a failed attempt last year. 

The peak, which is located in Denali National Park and Preserve in the US state of Alaska, was a tough challenge for her, she said. Fewer than 40% of climbers have managed to make their way to the top of the summit, which has an elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 metres) above sea level. 

"We spent more time and resources preparing for this project than any other peak-scaling trip, except for the trip to Everest," she wrote on her Facebook page. 

The team said Dr Napassaporn devoted the first half of last year to vigorous physical training for the Denali project. The amount of effort that went into the physical exercises was on par with the training that she underwent before climbing Mount Everest.

During her failed Denali attempt last year, she and her team faced extreme weather conditions and were stuck on the peak for six days. They were unable to continue the arduous journey and had to wait for the rough weather to clear up until they could move again.

According to Dr Napassaporn's Facebook post, the team was forced to turn back and return to Thailand after food and supplies ran out.

However, Dr Napassaporn and her team managed to secure a new sponsorship for this year's summit effort from Suunto, a Finnish sporting accessories company, under the Train Savannah Thailand project. 

Dr Napassaporn added Mount Denali to her list of summits after having conquered six additional peaks including Mount Everest in 2016 and Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Dr Napassaporn "Eem" Chumnarnsit

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