Hot-headed man threatens another driver with gun

Hot-headed man threatens another driver with gun

A man is seen carrying a gun after getting out of his car on a road in Bang Kruai district of Nonthaburi on Friday evening. (Screenshot from Tum Natawit Facebook account's clip)
A man is seen carrying a gun after getting out of his car on a road in Bang Kruai district of Nonthaburi on Friday evening. (Screenshot from Tum Natawit Facebook account's clip)

A motorist has come under fire online after a clip went viral, showing him carrying a gun to threaten another driver for honking the horn at him on a road in Bang Krui district, Nonthaburi, on Friday.

The two-minute clip showed a white Honda Accord successfully cutting in front of a vehicle on a congested two-lane road in Bang Kruai at around 6pm. The driver of the second car honked the horn in protest.

The Honda driver continued to drive but abruptly applied brakes twice even though there was no car in front of him in what was seen as a deliberate attempt to get the second car to rearend him.

After that did not happen, the Honda driver got out and then got back in again, this time coming out with a pistol. He then walked to the second car with the pistol in hand and showed no attempt to hide it. The clip did not show what happened next at this point but a few seconds later, the Honda driver was seen saying a few words and gesturing in anger before walking back to his car.

Facebook user Tum Natawit, who claimed to be the driver of the second car, posted the clip and a message on his page on Friday: "This is unbelievable. I was driving home on a heavy-congested road. Suddenly, a white Honda Accord car with Chon Buri licence plates Khor Wor 2726 crosscut me. I was angry and honked the horn in protest as I usually did with this sort of bad manners.

"The driver then applied brakes as if to get me to rear-end him. He then got out of his car and when he saw me, he got back in. He emerged second later with a gun to threaten me. I am sorry for honking. I apologise. From now on, any motorist wanting to crosscut me, be my guest. I don’t want to risk my life for this. But I really don’t like to see this type of people on our roads," read the post.

The clip drew heavy criticism against the Honda driver for his actions and commentators urged police to take legal action against him.

A clip posted by Facebook user Tum Natawit shows the incident on a road in Bang Kruai district, Nonthaburi on Friday evening.

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