Jail, B43m assets seizure for red-shirt leader's wife

Jail, B43m assets seizure for red-shirt leader's wife

Court issues warrant for Rapipan's arrest

Rapipan Pongruangrong
Rapipan Pongruangrong

The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions has handed down a two-month jail sentence and ordered the confiscation of 42.8 million baht in undeclared assets belonging to the wife of red-shirt key figure Arisman Pongruangrong.

On Monday, the court also issued an arrest warrant for Arisman's wife, the former Pheu Thai MP, Rapipan Pongruangrong, who failed to show up in court to hear the ruling.

According to the ruling, Rapipan had falsely declared a list of debts and sources of income including three fabricated loan contracts of 13 million baht in total.

The court also found that Rapipan fabricated two major sources of income; a 15-million-baht contract to sell land, and a commercial contract worth 27 million baht.  

She was also found to have neglected to declare 25 million baht in shares in House of Heart Property Co, according to the ruling. 

Thus, the court found her guilty of falsely declaring her assets and intentionally concealing facts in a bid to mislead the NACC, which resulted in prison sentence and a five-year ban on holding any political position.

After the seizure of the 42.8-million-baht in assets, however, the court decided to return a 730Ld BMW car to BMW Leasing (Thailand) Co, which objected to the confiscation of the car because Rapipan did not legally own it and had failed to complete her payment. 

Last week, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the two lower courts, sentencing Arisman and 11 other members of the red-shirt movement to four years each in prison for unlawfully disrupting the 2009 Asean Summit in Pattaya.

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