Reaction mixed to govt's Chim Shop Chai campaign: poll

Reaction mixed to govt's Chim Shop Chai campaign: poll

The Chim Shop Chai campaign is drawing mixed reactions. (Bangkok Post photo)
The Chim Shop Chai campaign is drawing mixed reactions. (Bangkok Post photo)

People have mixed reactions to the Chim Shop Chai campaign launched by the government to stimulate the economy, with a slight majority opposing it, according to a survey by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted on Oct 2-4 on 1,261 people aged 18 and over of various levels of education and occupations thoughout the country to compile their opinions on the government's handout of 1,000 baht each to 10 million people to spend through the Paotang application.

Of the people polled, 58.37% said they would not register to take part in the programme because registration is too complicated and their mobile phones cannot run the app; 25.61% said they have registered; and 16.02% said they were in the process of registering.

Of those who have registered or are in the process of registering, 41.52% said they plan to spend the 1,000 baht at department stores; 16.57% will buy goods at shops participating in programme; 16.57% intend to spend it on food and drinks; 15.24% would use it to buy goods at "blue flag" shops which have already joined the state welfare programme; 3.62% will use it to buy things at one-tambon-one-product (OTOP) shops; 2.29% will spend it on homestay; 2.10% would buy goods at shops run by community enterprises; and 9.52% were uncertain or had no comment.

Asked to comment on the programme, the respondents had the following reactions:

-  27.36% said it is a waste of the national budget and would do little to stimulate the economy;

-  27.28% said it is a good measure to spur the economy;

-  25.54% said the registration procedures are too complicated;

-  19.59% believe ordinary people will benefit from it;

-  13.80% think investors and traders will benefit from it;

-  13.72% think the programme is discriminatory;

-  8.96% think it will encourage families to eat, shop and spend together;

-  8.09% view it as a populist programme, aimed at gaining support from middle-class people.

Asked for their overall opinions about the campaign, 50.04% disagreed with it; 48.22% agreed with it; and 1.74% are uncertain or had no comment.

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