Report road offenders to receive rewards: minister

Report road offenders to receive rewards: minister

Citizens who provide evidence of traffic violations by truck and/or public vehicle drivers will receive rewards if their submissions result in a prosecution starting on Dec 9.

The move was announced on Monday by Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob, ahead of the five-day New Year holiday period, which often sees high numbers of injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic accidents.

"The reward will come from fines imposed on rogue motorists, which range from 200 to 30,000 baht," said Mr Saksayam yesterday,

The transport minister added those who send in evidence of wrongdoing that results in prosecution will be eligible to receive rewards equal to 50% of the fine imposed on the offender.

Mr Saksayam encouraged those who see road safety violations to take pictures and/or photos of said violations -- whether it is vehicles spewing harmful emissions and/or carrying more passengers than their intended capacity, or reckless driving -- and submit them to the Department of Land Transport via its Facebook or its website.

"Reports can also be made via our 1584 hotline," said Mr Saksayam.

Offenders, said the transport minister, will be summoned to acknowledge charges within seven days after the submission of evidence and ordered pay the fines.

"That said, this does not mean that we are solely focusing on fines," said Mr Saksayam.

"This initiative is intended to encourage everyone to be responsible drivers.

The number of injuries from traffic accidents on Thailand's roads must decrease while "the number of deaths must be zero", Mr Saksayam said.

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