Govt lifts scrap paper price

Govt lifts scrap paper price

The Commerce Ministry has ordered the minimum price of scrap paper and cardboard -- which have been classified as price-controlled goods -- to be lifted, says Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit.

He said the order was to reflect the higher global prices fetched by scrap paper and cardboard.

The order was issued at a meeting organised by the ministry, which was also attended by scrap dealers more commonly known as saleng, scrap paper shops, paper presser factories and paper mills.

Mr Jurin said the salengs, who are on the bottom rung of the scrap-paper supply chain, stand to benefit from the measure as they can sell the paper to scrap paper shops at higher prices. Salengs buy used paper and cardboard from households for sale to scrap paper shops, which then sell them to presser factories which in turn, sell them to the mills.

According to the ministry, salengs will be able to sell the paper to the shops for two baht per kilogramme, up significantly from 50 satang per kilogramme previously.

The price the presser factories charge the mills will be 3.50 baht/kg for up to 30 tonnes per month. Any amount exceeding 30 tonnes will be priced at 3.30 baht/kg.

The new price rates will be in effect for the next three months.

Mr Jurin said the ministry has raised the price of scrap paper and cardboard for the sake of fairness for all stakeholders in the trade.

The minister warned any stakeholders who refuse to comply with the new prices will face punitive measures.

After the meeting, Mr Jurin met with representatives of saleng networks nationwide, who expressed their support for the new measure.

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