Thais advised to delay visits to Israel

Thais advised to delay visits to Israel

The Thai embassy in Tel Aviv has advised Thais to postpone planned trips to Israel after the health ministry there imposed a 14-day house quarantine on visitors from Thailand and three other countries.

The embassy issued the advisory on Monday, saying Thai citizens should postpone trips to Israel "until further notice".

The Israeli Health Ministry on Sunday announced that travellers from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau would be put in 14-day home quarantine upon arrival in Israel.

They were told to stay away from public transport, workplaces, shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

The embassy statement said the restriction was imposed although the people affected showed no signs or symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), The measure did not apply to people who had stopped in any of the four countries on connecting flights.

The embassy said it was in close contact with Israeli authorities about the situation with the coronavirus in Thailand.

On Feb 2, the Israeli Health Ministry had banned entry of non-Israelis who had stayed in China during the previous 14 days, the embassy wrote.

Dr Tanarak Plipat, deputy director-general of the Disease Control Department, said each country had the  right to impose measures to cope with the disease. Thailand chose to apply moderate measures that suited the present risk.

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