Monkey brawl in Lop Buri shocks humans

Monkey brawl in Lop Buri shocks humans

Monkeys from two rival gangs prepare for combat in Muang district of Lop Buri on Wednesday. (Photo from Sasaluk Rttanachai Facebook account)
Monkeys from two rival gangs prepare for combat in Muang district of Lop Buri on Wednesday. (Photo from Sasaluk Rttanachai Facebook account)

Hundreds of monkeys from two gangs engaged in a brawl that shocked local humans in Lop Buri on Wednesday.

Sasaluk Rattanachai posted a message showing hundreds of monkeys taking to the streets in the Lop Buri municipality on Wednesday.

Lop Buri is home to thousands of monkeys. Each has to swear allegiance to one of two gangs — temple monkeys and city monkeys.

Temple monkeys control the areas around Phra Prang Sam Yod, while their rivals are based in the municipality. The zones are divided by the northern train track.

Normally the two camps do not encroach on one another's territories.

Why today's rare incursions? Local residents came up with different theories. Some pointed to the torching heat that might have made them hot-tempered, while others believed they were fighting for food.

Biew Um-in, a taxi motorcyclist, told Thai Rath online that he witnessed the leader of the temple gang leading its members into the area controlled by the city camp to find food at a market. The chief of the city monkeys then fought back, leading the intruders to retreat to their home turf, he said.

A woman told Thai Rath online that the monkeys at Phra Prang Sam Yod did not have enough food and decided to enter other areas to meet their needs.

Somchai Unakong, a local resident, told Manager online he interpreted the incident as a bad omen for the country -- the 75-year-old man said he has never seen it before.

"Did this relate to the Covid-19 virus that is spreading?," he questioned. "I wondered."

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