Web plea leads to mask aid
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Web plea leads to mask aid

American entrepreneur, Peter Wainman, and his wife, Sirilak Narongtanupone, have been fans of "Lung Saleng and the Lost Garbage", also known as 3WheelsUncle, on Facebook for quite some time.

So when the administrator behind Lung Saleng -- who usually posts tips about recycling and managing household waste on his Facebook page -- posted an appeal urging doctors and nurses to share their experiences on the frontline of the Covid-19 fight, the couple took note and decided to pitch in and help.

The pair behind Pipper Standard -- a company which manufactures environmentally-friendly household cleaning products -- then donated 50 sets of cleaning packs containing cotton masks, towels, laundry detergents and fabric softeners to medical workers serving in smaller hospitals in the countryside.

"We appreciate [Lung Saleng's] efforts to educate the people in Thailand on the importance of protecting our environment, with a lot of focus on waste management and waste separation," said Mr Wainman.

"The fact that our products are naturally biodegradable is a synergistic factor that is in line with what Lung Saleng also promotes as an environment and waste management enthusiast.

"This is indeed, a like-minded collaboration."

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