Prison governor dismissed for letting inmate have conjugal sex

Prison governor dismissed for letting inmate have conjugal sex

Corrections Department director-general Naras Savestanan.
Corrections Department director-general Naras Savestanan.

The governor of a prison in a northern province has been dismissed for allowing an inmate have sex with his visiting wife.

The prison governor was among 15 corrections officials dismissed for malpractice this year.

The prisoner was allowed to have sex with his wife in a plantation near the prison, according to a source at the Corrections Department. 

The governor's other misdeeds included cutting trees at the prison without permission and letting inmates use mobile phones and have cash in their possession, the source said.

Corrections Department director-general Pol Col Naras Savestanan on Thursday confirmed that a sub-committee resolved on Wednesday to dismiss 15 corrections officials.

Two of them were found with drugs, one seized an illegal mobile phone from an inmate and demanded money in return for not reporting it, two smuggled mobile phones into prisons, one forged a signature to illegally withdraw a trainer's fee, and another took bribes for allowing mobile phones and illegal drugs to be thrown over the wall into a prison,  Pol Col Naras said.

Another warder took a bribe for giving painkillers for inmates to consume and sell, another took bribes in exchange for taking good care of jailed relatives, four were absent without leave for more than 15 days, and another took bribes for smuggling cigarettes into a prison.

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