Stranded expatriates share news
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Stranded expatriates share news

A private group on Facebook called "Farangs Stranded Abroad Due to Lockdown in Thailand" is one community where foreigners share information and help one another in an attempt to return to Thailand amid the Covid-19 pandemic period.

"The group was started to share travel information with foreigners who call Thailand home: husbands, fathers, mothers, teachers and professionals from all over the world. They are separated from their loved ones, families and livelihood," said Alex Wilson, 30-year-old teacher and an admin of the group.

"I have lived in Thailand for almost seven years and my wife is from Phang Nga. I got my dream job in one of the best international schools in Thailand and signed my contract back in December. Now, I am in the process of returning to Thailand with my wife and two Thai cats," he said, adding their visas will run out in Dubai in mid-July.

Since mid-May, the group has built up over 2,700 members. Some have shared announcements from Royal Thai embassies around the world updating travellers on requirements.

While Mr Wilson praises the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing English versions of their daily press conference, another member identified as Michael Deslippe said he wanted to draw attention to foreign retirees who have chosen Thailand as their new home but who are now stranded abroad.

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