Mum upset by teacher's public trim

Mum upset by teacher's public trim

SI SA KET: Education authorities yesterday pledged to look into an incident involving a teacher giving an ugly haircut to a female student as punishment for turning up at school with long hair.

Chuchart Kaewnok, director of Secondary Educational Service Area Office 28, said the officials were informed of the incident and they would meet the school administrators and the student's parents on Wednesday to resolve the issue.

According to Mr Chuchart, students are now allowed to wear their hair long under the Education Ministry's revised regulations but they should keep it neat and tidy. He said the planned meeting would help ensure that schools and parents have a proper understanding of the rules.

Mr Chuchart was responding to a Facebook post of a 33-year-old woman who lashed out at teachers at Yang Chum Noi Phitthayakhom School for cutting her daughter's hair in public.

The mother said the school should have talked to her parents first and the public haircut was obviously intended to humiliate the girl.

The incident at Yang Chum Noi Phitthayakhom School in Si Sa Ket's Yang Chum Noi district was among cases of penalties imposed by teachers against students who turned up with long hair after the new term began on July 1.

Under the Education Ministry's new directive, both male and female students may wear their hair long or short. For male students, the length of the sides and back must not extend beyond the back of the neck, while female students with long hair must tie it properly.

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