Germany assists Thailand to 'go green'
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Germany assists Thailand to 'go green'

Industry Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit has pledged to cooperate with the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) to promote clean industry, as a means of reducing pollution problems including PM2.5 and making Thai industry more sustainable.

"The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce offers to help Thailand make its industrial sector more green and promote a circular economy that will make the sector more sustainable and co-exist peacefully with society and the environment," Mr Suriya said after a meeting with Andreas C Richter, president of the GTCC.

The meeting was recetly held at Government House.

"Thailand agreed to adopt a circular economy and clean technology," he said. "The country has environmental problems, especially with PM2.5, which need environmental friendly production to help reduce them."

Among matters discussed were the "Clean Air Initiative" and help for the Thai industrial sector to upgrade engine and petrol specifications from Euro 4 to cleaner Euro 5 and Euro 6 as well as the manufacturing of electronic vehicles, Mr Suriya said.

Thai authorities have urged industrial manufacturers to practise a circular economy which is an alternative economic production focused on using resources wisely until the end of their life cycle, in a bid to reduce waste and save material production costs, according to Mr Suriya.

Mr Richter said the cooperation will lead to the transfer of clean technology from Germany to Thailand for a green solution through German investors and workers in Thailand.

"If the Industry Ministry helps attract German investors, that will benefit investment, strengthen the partnership and make the work smoother," he said.

Mr Richter said the green industry is the future. "It costs money to upgrade the technology but the capital investment in making the industry more friendly to the environment will be a sound investment in the long term.

"Germany has the technology and know-how in clean industry and we are ready to support Thailand to achieve that," he said.

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