'Post' clarifies article from 1950

'Post' clarifies article from 1950

The Post would like to clarify an article it published in 1950, after a doctoral dissertation titled "Thai Politics in Phibun's Government under the US World Order (1948–1957)" by Nattapol Chaiching, referred to its contents.

The dissertation referred to the Bangkok Post article published on Dec 18 for the part saying the Regent had been expanding his political role by frequently attending cabinet meetings led by prime minister Field Marshal Plaek Phibulsonggram. This move was said to have made Field Marshal Plaek dissatisfied and he responded by demanding that he be allowed to sit in meetings of the Privy Council as well if the Regent was to interfere with the administrative and legislative branches.

The Post wants to clarify that the paper never reported such information which has been cited and disseminated in several other channels, including a book titled Khor Funfai Nai Fun An Lueachuea written by the same author Nattapol, and a political seminar.

In fact, the article "Premier May Sit In with Privy Council" merely reported that several cabinet members had voiced their concern about the appointment of 50 senators by the Privy Council without consulting the government as stated in the full article below.

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