Lumpy cow skin disease spreads to 18 provinces
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Lumpy cow skin disease spreads to 18 provinces

The Department of Livestock Development is seeking a vaccine for a lumpy skin disease found spreading across the kingdom's cattle population, said Sorravis Thaneto, director-general of the department.

Mr Sorravis said the department is contacting vaccine makers overseas to buy doses and import them into the country.

The disease is spreading among cattle pens in 18 provinces in the Northeast, the Central Plains region and the North, such as Kalasin, Roi Et, Nakhon Phanom, Maha Sarakham, Khon Kaen, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Pathom and Chiang Rai.

Department officials first detected the disease in Don Daeng village in Roi Et's Phanom Phrai district last month, and the finding was reported to the World Organization for Animal Health on April 9, Mr Sorravis said.

He said people should not worry about the disease as it cannot be transmitted to humans. It is spread through mosquitoes, flies and ticks. The department has told staff to impose disease control measures in their respective areas, Mr Sorravis said.

These measures include the circulation of information on symptoms and the general spread of the disease and a requirement for breeders to monitor the condition of their cattle, he said.

Infected cattle show symptoms such as drowsiness, drooling, loss of appetite and pustules on the skin. Farmers who have just taken in new cattle are recommended to isolate them for 28 days and have them rest under nets. The spraying of insecticide to prevent insects from transmitting the disease is also suggested. Lastly, livestock middlemen are asked to trade at least 50 kilometres away from areas where the disease has spread to prevent additional infections, Mr Sorravis said. He added that insecticide should be used to eliminate breeding carriers in areas where the disease has spread.

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