Chaiwut threatens to sue Facebook
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Chaiwut threatens to sue Facebook

Chaiwut: Wants accountability
Chaiwut: Wants accountability

The Ministry of Digital, Economy and Society (DES) has threatened legal action against Facebook for refusing to close the accounts of users deemed to have disseminated fake news and criticised the monarchy.

DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakhamanusorn made the remarks at the meeting of committees on the suppression and solution of the dissemination of fake news yesterday.

Mr Chaiwut said local courts had ruled that 164 URLs should have the plug pulled on them this month. The DES had sent warning letters to the internet service providers and Facebook in Thailand to make them comply.

The courts ordered 54 URLs to be closed, of which 19 were shut on June 2. However, eight social media accounts, such as "Pavin Chachavalpongpun", "Andrew MacGregor Marshall" and "Royalist Marketplace–Talad Luang", have yet to be shut.

"Despite the negotiations, Facebook has still refused to follow orders to shut down eight accounts. I will bring legal action against Facebook in Thailand and its headquarters," he said.

"As there are many users in Thailand, Facebook must also be responsible for the country's issues, as well as comply with Thai regulations," said Mr Chaiwut.

The DES found 28 offenders had disseminated fake news. Mr Chaiwut said three offenders had been warned to delete or correct what he said was fake news about a Thong Lor policeman dying after receiving a second Covid-19 jab.

Other fake news involved lottery numbers being fixed by the Government Lottery Office, new guidelines for Covid-19 suggested by Siriraj doctors, and a Muang Nan police officer dying after receiving a Sinovac vaccine.

As for online gambling during the Euro 2020 football tournament this month, 14 offenders had been arrested after being linked to online gambling websites.

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