Covid patient dies after waiting a week for a bed
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Covid patient dies after waiting a week for a bed

The mother of a family of six, all infected with Covid-19, on Wednesday died from the disease after waiting in their flat in Huai Khwang district to be hospitalised for at least six days.

The 50-year-old woman died around 3am, a few hours before an ambulance was due to arrive to take her and the remaining family to hospital, said a source.

One family member was earlier rushed to hospital when a bed became available, while the rest remained at home waiting for more beds to be freed up, said the source. The help came too late.

The source cited information provided by neighbours who helped the family contact health authorities for assistance.

Kantaphon Duang-amphon, a volunteer from a charity group called Sen Dai ("The thread") who tried to help the family, said the mother's body was cremated at a nearby temple.

Other infected family members in the flat were taken to Busarakam field hospital in Nonthaburi on Wednesday.

After being alerted, Mr Kantaphon's group contacted the field hospital which sent an ambulance to pick up the five people on Wednesday.

Relatives of the family blamed the loss of life on the government's "problematic system" for locating beds for infected patients, said the source. Bed shortages are nothing new, as authorities grapple with a new wave of the virus.

In related news, the Social Development and Human Security Ministry and its partners including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the National Health Security Office have launched a campaign to screen homeless people in the capital for Covid-19 and provide them with treatment if they test positive for the virus.

Since Monday, more than 200 homeless people have been tested, said Chokchai Wichianchaiya, deputy director of the Department of Social Development and Welfare on Wednesday. No information about the results is available.

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