More suspected of Covid dying at home
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More suspected of Covid dying at home

More people have died in their homes due to a lack of hospital beds, some of whom did not have the chance to be tested for Covid-19.

An elderly woman, who had worked at a massage parlour in Bangkok's Bang Phlat district, was extremely sick with a fever and severe Covid-like symptoms and died shortly after being transferred to hospital yesterday, said Thipjutha Bunnag, Pheu Thai Party candidate for the Bangkok Metropolitan Council in Bang Phlat district.

Ms Thipjutha recently donated 10 oxygen generators to Covid-19 patients being treated at home. The case of the dead and suspected Covid-19 patient was one of two cases she has looked into so far.

She said a few days ago, the woman became sick and wanted to get a Covid-19 test at a mobile testing vehicle, but she was not strong enough to stand for a long time while queuing up.

"As we are now facing a steep rise in Covid-19 cases, many sick and elderly people cannot get in line to receive official Covid-19 tests, so many of them have no choice but to treat themselves at home. If the government does not promptly tackle this issue, we will surely face a crisis like in India, where many people died on the streets," she warned.

A Myanmar woman suspected of being infected with the virus was also found dead in her Bangkok apartment on Thursday.

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