Hard-hit Korat goes all-out to curb cases

Hard-hit Korat goes all-out to curb cases

Nakhon Ratchasima province has stepped up Covid-19 prevention measures to handle an influx of people from other provinces, including a ban on gatherings that involve more than five people for any activities, including drinking alcohol at home.

Deputy governor Saksit Sakullitkharetsima yesterday said that the measures will be in effect from today until Aug 2.

Restaurants, markets and retailers will be allowed to operate until 9pm. However, sales of alcohol will be banned at all times, as will gatherings for drinking.

Barber shops, beauty salons, beauty clinics, amulet centres and conference at hotels will be temporarily suspended. The restrictions on people's movements in the province will now be from 9pm until 4am.

Yesterday, 142 new Covid-19 cases were recorded in the province, taking the total to 3,136.

A 50-year-old man, native to Kham Sakae Saeng district who returned from Bangkok, reportedly died on Sunday due to complications related to diabetes. It brought the total number of deaths to 36.

The field hospitals at the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium have 31 remaining beds and are attempting to procure 50 more 50. 562 people have reportedly returned from Bangkok and its adjacent provinces and sought treatment, he said.

In Chiang Mai, 36 Thais and foreigners were arrested on Sunday night, after being spotted drinking alcohol after 9pm at a restaurant on Moon Muang Road in Muang district, police said.

A shop owner was also captured. They all face charges for defying local lockdown orders.

Yesterday, Chiang Mai reported 46 new cases, bringing the total to 4,790.

The total number of deaths in the province remains 27.

At present, 548 cases remain under hospital supervision due to the severity of their symptoms. Among them, four patients are reported to be critically ill, 28 severely unwell and 109 moderate cases. The other 407 are being treated for mild symptoms.

Of those being looked after at healthcare facilities, 259 are currently being treated at field hospitals, 184 at government-run hospitals, and 103 are in private hospitals. Two others are in a stable condition in hospitals in other provinces at present.

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