Aid payout clarified for workers impacted by virus

Aid payout clarified for workers impacted by virus

The Social Security Office (SSO) on Tuesday clarified the latest aid payouts to workers affected by Covid-19, apparently to dispel confusion over eligibility and compensation amounts.

A payout is being offered to ease the financial burden on workers left struggling following the tightened lockdown and curfew announced last week.

Details about the aid money, however, have confused some people who have contacted the SSO to clarify matters.

SSO spokesman, Nanthachai Panyasurarit, said on Tuesday that the payout is split into two portions. Workers insured under Section 33 of the SSO law, who are mainly those working in offices, will either receive one or both portions.

The two portions come from assistance money worth 2,500 baht provided by the government and compensation not exceeding 7,500 baht from the SSO.

Workers can log on to the SSO's website at to check if they are eligible for the 2,500-baht assistance money. This check can be done by keying in their Thai citizenship ID card number.

The money is remitted to a recipient's bank account via the PromptPay electronic banking service which is operated using the citizenship ID number.

Only Thai nationals working in companies determined by the government as having been impacted by the pandemic in the 13 hardest-hit provinces qualify to get the 2,500-baht assistance money.

People can check their eligibility throughout this month. The SSO has listed nine job categories directly impacted by Covid-19 although more are being added. This might explain why some people ran checks only to find they were not eligible.

The SSO spokesman said the other portion, worth up to 7,500 baht, is being offered as compensation to employees of businesses that have suspended operations or closed as a result of the Covid-19 containment measures.

Those who qualify for the compensation must have contributed to the SSF for at least six months within the past 15 months. How much they contributed decides how much they will get, although the maximum amount is capped at 7,500 baht.

If employers have not suspended or closed down a business, employees will not receive any compensation but can still pick up the 2,500-baht payout from the government.

The compensation money will be given for three months while the 2,500-baht payout is a one-off payment, Mr Nanthachai said.

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