'Penguin' refused bail, back in jail

'Penguin' refused bail, back in jail

Parit Chiwarak. (file photo)
Parit Chiwarak. (file photo)

The Thanyaburi Court on Monday night turned down a request for the release on bail of Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak and eight other suspects charged in connection with a protest in front of the Region 1 Border Patrol Police headquarters in Pathum Thani's Khlong Luang district on Aug 2.

The eight other suspects are Promsorn Veerathamcharee, Sam Samat, Nathachanon Pairote, Sirichai Nathueng, Chatchai Kaedam, Panupong "Mike" Jadnok, Panadda Sirimaskul and Thanapat Kapeng.

According to a police investigation report submitted to the court, metropolitan police on Aug 2 arrested Jatupat Boonpatararaksa, alias Pai Dao Din, and other alleged accomplices in another case and detained them at the Region 1 Border Police headquarters.

The same day, Mr Parit and the other suspects led a group of more than 10 people who protested aganst the arrests in front of the border police headquarters. They took turns using loud speakers to attack the government and apply pressure on the police to release Mr Jatupat and his accomplices. Their vehicles blocked the front road to traffic.

Police obtained warrants for their arrest and charged them with illegal assembly of more than 10 people, organising an activity deemed at risk of spreading disease in an area under maximum control and restrictions in the Covid-19 situation, and illegal use of loud speakers.

Mr Parit and the other suspects reported to the police on Sunday.

On Monday afternoon, the police took the nine suspects to Thanyaburi Court and applied for permission to detain them for 12 days for further investigation.

At 9pm, the court granted permission for their detention. Lawyers for the nine suspects filed a request for their release on bail.

At 9.40pm, the court turned down the request.

The nine suspects were subsequently taken to Thanyaburi Prison and detained there. 

Earlier on Monday, the Criminal Court approved a prosecution request to withdraw bail for Mr Parit in a case where he was involved in placing a plaque symbolising democracy at Sanam Luang on Sept 20 last year.

Attached to the request was a picture of Mr Parit holding a portrait of His Majesty the King upside down, showing disrespect to the monarchy in violation of a bail condition.

Under the court order, Mr Parit was required to report to the court in three days.

The prosecution also asked the court to withdraw bail for two other suspects in the same case - Anon Nampha and Panusya "Roong" Sitthijirawattanakul. The court set  Sept 7 for a decision.

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