Cops outline priorities for law, order

Cops outline priorities for law, order

The Royal Thai Police has outlined its work priorities for this new fiscal year, starting last Friday, saying it will focus mainly on suppression of cyber crime, drug addict rehabilitation and tougher punishment for police officers who break the law.

More modern devices necessary for countering criminal activities committed on social media in particular will be purchased to better support suppression of cyber crime, said national police chief Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk.

"Senior police officials including deputy inspectors, inspectors and superintendents will be trained further on techniques in verifying the true identity of social media users suspected of committing a crime online," Pol Gen Suwat said.

As part of a national drug suppression policy developed for the 2022 fiscal year, police also plan to open their own centre for drug rehabilitation centred on medical science and technology, he said.

Police officers who commit a crime, meanwhile, will face even tougher legal action, he said.

He said that the past fiscal year, a total of 283 police had been fired after they were proven guilty in criminal and disciplinary cases which had come to the notice of police.

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