Consumers call for swift action
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Consumers call for swift action

Members of the public are calling for swift action by the government to address soaring prices affecting consumer goods, saying they are taking a bigger bite of their income every day.

At various markets in Bangkok, consumers told the Bangkok Post that soaring food prices have forced them to make living adjustments and urged the government to tackle the problem as quickly as possible.

"Since the rise in pork prices began a few weeks ago, I have decided to stop buying pork to cook at home," said Itthikorn Pinyapong, 35, a school van driver.

Mr Itthikorn said he has instead opted to buy chicken meat as it is much cheaper than pork.

He said he has also considered buying locally-grown vegetables because they are much cheaper than ones imported from abroad.

Mr Itthikorn said that apart from the rise in pork prices, he is also concerned over a hike in egg prices after hearing last week that the prices of chicken eggs shot up by 5–6 baht per tray of 30.

"I'm sure that people will struggle if everything is expensive," he said.

"The prices of other consumer products will continue to rise in the future if the government sits idle and does not step in to control them.

"I want to see swift action from the government to bring down the prices of consumer goods as quickly as possible," Mr Itthikorn said.

Aon Vilaporn, a housewife in her 50s, said her family can still afford to buy pork at current prices.

However, if the prices kept rising, she would stop buying pork and turn to eat other meats instead, she said.

"The government must solve this problem," she said.

Nittaya Warisa, a drink vendor at a night market, said she has already stopped buying pork.

She said she and her family will return to eating pork again when prices go down, adding the soaring prices of pork cannot remain.

"I hope the government quickly handles the matter so people can get relief froim buying expensive stuff," she said.

Pork shortages have caused prices to soar from 150 baht/kg to 210-240 baht/kg within weeks. The government is working on measures to bring the prices under control.

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