Cabinet passes tobacco plan

Cabinet passes tobacco plan

A five-year action plan aimed at curbing tobacco consumption and reducing the harm to people's health caused by smoking has been approved by the cabinet.

Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said on Wednesday the plan will begin this year and remain effective till 2027.

Allocated a budget of 498 million baht, the plan comprises six strategies.

The first calls for expanding the capacity of state agencies to control the domestic consumption of tobacco, with existing laws and regulations refined. This component of the plan will require a budget of 138 million baht.

In the second strategy, reduction of new smokers and enhanced public awareness of tobacco-businesses advertising techniques will be prioritised. Educational campaigns will be undertaken to make young people more aware of marketing ploys used by the tobacco industry. The strategy will cost 99 million baht.

The third strategy, at a cost of 51 million baht, involves creating community networks to provide assistance for those addicted to tobacco products including helping them to stop smoking.

The fourth strategy deals with the full disclosure of tobacco product contents. This will require amendments of various laws and be financed with a budget of 12.5 million baht.

Under the fifth strategy, regulations will be issued to ban smoking in public areas and workplaces. The work will require a budget of 165 million baht.

Lastly, the sixth strategy will address two elements: a revision of tobacco-related taxes including revamping the collection system imposed on tobacco products, and the suppression of illegal tobacco sales.

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