Girl oozes blood out of her eyes
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Girl oozes blood out of her eyes

Surat Thani: The parents of a 7-year-old girl are pleading for help after their daughter began developing mysterious symptoms linked to hematohidrosis, a rare condition characterised by blood oozing from intact skin.

Pimpakarn Khotphakdi, 27, said her daughter was in good health, but developed dark purple spots on her skin and sweated blood on April 7.

After finding no cuts or punctures, she took her daughter to a doctor for an examination, Ms Pimpakarn said.

However, the symptoms subsided during the examination and the doctor was unable to diagnose her daughter, she said, noting the doctor prescribed vitamin C instead.

Ms Pimpakarn said her daughter then started showing symptoms again on the night of April 8 when blood oozed from the girl's nose, eyes, ears and skin.

This time, the family decided to take the girl to Surat Thani hospital for a thorough examination and the blood test result showed she was normal, Ms Pimpakarn said.

Ms Pimpakarn said the doctor at the hospital said her daughter might have hematohidrosis and was scheduled for an appointment with a specialist in late May.

She said she was not sure if the condition could be related to the Covid-19 vaccine her daughter received on April 1.

She said she was worried about her daughter's condition and called on specialists to look into her case.

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