Abused maid files further complaints
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Abused maid files further complaints

Kornsasi Buayaem
Kornsasi Buayaem

A former maid who was allegedly abused by a police corporal filed additional complaints on Tuesday against a brother of a local politician for human trafficking and forced labour.

The victim was accompanied by her assistant Kanthat Pongpaiboonvej, alias Kan Chompalang, and her lawyer to file a report with Muang police in Ratchaburi against Khomsit Jangphanit, the younger brother of the Photharam municipal mayor in Ratchaburi.

Mr Khomsit is in a relationship with Pol Cpl Kornsasi Buayaem, 43, formerly attached to the Special Branch Bureau's 1st Division. She has been remanded at Ratchaburi Central Prison since last Tuesday due to accusations of physical abuse and human trafficking.

Mr Khomsit was implicated by the victim who worked as a maid for his policewoman girlfriend. He acknowledged a charge of colluding in physical abuse last Thursday.

Mr Kanthat said he submitted pictures, chat histories and other details to investigators to take legal action against Mr Khomsit for alleged forced labour and human trafficking. The alleged evidence is said to show Mr Khomsit hired the victim to work for his company and later physically abused her.

Since the victim began working as a maid for the couple, she didn't receive any pay from Mr Khomsit from May to August, Mr Kanthat said.

The victim told reporters she only received 1,000 baht as her first wage packet and never received any more salary.

She was told she would get 450 baht per day but Mr Khomsit allegedly refused to pay her saying she did not deserve it as she had not worked hard enough.

Her job was to coordinate tasks with customers and take care of Pol Cpl Kornsasi.

Pol Cpl Kornsasi is also believed to be the mistress of a mysterious senator.

Chasing up on this, locals in Ratchaburi's Muang district said they found a signboard on a temple in Muang district recording a 120,000-baht donation offered by Thani Onlaied, a senator, and Pol Cpl Kornsasi to build a prayer hall. The signboard was made two years ago.

The Bangkok Post was unable to immediately reach the senator for comment.

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