Weddings record bid for Valentine's Day
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Weddings record bid for Valentine's Day

The country's largest LGBTQ+ wedding ceremony will be hosted on Valentine's Day in February to publicise the fight for marriage equality.

Chumapon Tangkliang, an LGBTQ+ activist and a member of the Bangkok Naruemit Pride organising committee, a coalition of non-governmental groups, said the committee expects at least 100 LGBTQ+ couples from Thailand and abroad to join the "Naruemitr Vivah 2023" ceremony.

The couples will tie the knot at the Thai-Japan Bangkok Youth Center on Mit Maitri Road in Din Daeng district.

"On that day, the green field of the sports centre will be covered with rainbow flags which symbolise our openness to the diversity of love,'' she said.

"We will create a new page in history to promote equal marriage as a right for people not only in Thailand but across the globe, especially those countries that do not yet accept LGBTQ+ people," she said.

Deputy Bangkok governor Sanon Wangsrangboon said Thailand was still in the early stages of promoting sexual equality and encouraged people to hold more events like this in Thailand. Such events are also lauded for their ability to pull in visitors.

"In love, there should be no boundaries,'' he said, while also pledging to provide facilities for the group to organise and make a success of the event.

"I promise that as long as we are in office, we will not stop supporting LGBTQ+ issues and marriage equality. We will keep pushing the issue," he said.

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