King grants Bang Sue station official title

King grants Bang Sue station official title

Bang Sue Grand Station has been officially named "Krung Thep Abhiwat Central Terminal" by His Majesty the King, according to a Transport Ministry press release.

The name, which means the prosperity of Bangkok, was granted by the monarch at the request of the Transport Ministry and the State Railway of Thailand (SRT).

His Majesty has also granted the name "Nakhon Withi" to the SRT's light Red Line and "Thani Ratthaya" to the SRT's dark Red Line.

According to the Transport Ministry, the cabinet secretariat was informed of the official names bestowed by the king by the Royal Household Bureau.

Bang Sue Grand Station, spanning more than 240,000m², and located near Bang Sue Junction, will replace Hua Lamphong station as the country's rail transport nerve centre and will be a hub for high-speed rail links in addition to standard electric train lines and diesel trains.

The SRT's light Red Line stretching 15km with three stations connects Bang Sue to Taling Chan in Bangkok's Thon Buri side while the dark Red Line links Bang Sue to Rangsit with 10 stations along the 26km route.

The Red Line electric commuter train, which opened for commercial services on Nov 29 last year, recorded its highest number of passengers of 22,885 on Sept 8.

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