Mananya quizzed over plan to sell dairy brand

Mananya quizzed over plan to sell dairy brand

Mananya: Told to issue clarification
Mananya: Told to issue clarification

Pheu Thai MP Jirayu Huangsap yesterday urged deputy agriculture minister Mananya Thaiseth to clarify matters over an alleged plan to sell the Thai-Denmark dairy product brand to a private company.

Thai-Denmark products are manufactured by the state-run Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO).

On Friday, Nattaphorn Kaewpratum, president of the state enterprise labour union of the DPO, submitted a letter to the House committee on judiciary affairs, independent organisations, state enterprises, public organisations and funds, chaired by Mr Jirayu, urging it to inspect the ministry over a plan to sell the brand.

Yesterday in parliament, Ms Mananya, who is also a member of the Bhumjaithai Party, said the DPO is supervised by its director and board members and everything must proceed within regulations.

She said the DPO has no intention to sell its dairy brand.

Yet, Mr Jirayu responded by insisting that she issue a statement clarifying the matter to the public.

He said dairy farmers have sent many confidential documents to show irregularities in an attempt to sell the brand via a legal loophole.

He said he also plans to file a no-confidence motion over the matter early next month.

Ms Nattaphorn said she and her allies oppose granting the private sector permission to distribute products under the DPO's Thai-Denmark brand.

She said a proposal was sent to the DPO board for vetting on Oct 26. At the time, the union objected to the move, saying any sale will have an impact in the future, she said, noting that the DPO is also a state agency.

She said a sale, if approved, would benefit transnational dairy firms but Thai agriculture would be negatively affected.

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