Anutin: More than one meth pill, you're a dealer
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Anutin: More than one meth pill, you're a dealer

A ministerial regulation is being amended so that anyone with more than one methamphetamine pill in possession, instead of 15, will be regarded as having them with intent to sell, not for personal use as at present, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Monday.

Under the existing regulation, those found with 15 meth pills are considered as having them for their own use and are subject to rehabilitation. This has been exploited by people who actually intend to sell them, Mr Anutin said.

He said a draft amendment had been prepared by the committee on treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. It would be submitted to him for his signature before beng forwarded to the cabinet for approval and then publication in the Royal Gazette.

Mr Anutin said the amendment would be a more effective legal measure against the trade in illegal drugs.

Asked whether the tougher regulation would improve the drug situation, Mr Anutin said the committee on treatment and rehabilitation had discussed this matter extensively before reaching its decision, which was made out of concern for young people, their families and society.

"The reason the committee reached this decision is that we want to be more decisive and see effective enforcement of the law, following a suggestion that we seem to fear there would not be enough room in prison for drug convicts," the minister said.

The Public Health Ministry was duty-bound to acquire funds for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, he added.

Mr Anutin said that with a person able to have only one meth pill for personal use, drug traders would no longer seek to exploit the regulation.

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