New head named for Chana Hospital, replacing Supat

New head named for Chana Hospital, replacing Supat

Dr Supat Hasuwannakit (photo from his Facebook account)
Dr Supat Hasuwannakit (photo from his Facebook account)

A new director to succeed government critic Dr Supat Hasuwannakit at Songkhla's Chana Hospital has been selected, a senior public health official said on Wednesday.

Dr Sawat Apiwachaneewong, the Ministry of Public Health's inspector-general, said the new director, who has been a specialist at Chana Hospital for over 23 years, has been screened by a committee.

"The committee has examined the qualifications and agreed the candidate is qualified to assume the post," said Dr Sawat, who signed the order transferring Dr Supat to Saba Yoi Hospital in the same province.

Dr Supat, who is president of the Rural Doctor Society (RDS), is crying foul over the transfer. He says it has something to do with his role at the RDS, which is highly critical of the ministry's policies on cannabis use, Covid-19, and vaccine management.

Dr Sawat insisted the transfer is in line with regulations, and he is not concerned about Dr Supat's threat to file a lawsuit with the Administrative Court. Dr Supat is required to leave Chana Hospital by Feb 3.

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