Pheu Thai unveils prospective picks
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Pheu Thai unveils prospective picks

People walk past a Pheu Thai election campaign poster erected on Tanao Road in Bangkok. (File photo)
People walk past a Pheu Thai election campaign poster erected on Tanao Road in Bangkok. (File photo)

The Pheu Thai Party on Thursday announced the names of 61 people who intend to run as party candidates in the next general election.

In a bid to drum up voters' interest, several political parties have chosen to reveal the names of prospective election candidates, despite the fact that the Election Commission (EC) has yet to officially begin accepting candidacy applications.

The poll agency is still in the process of redrawing electoral boundaries, which have to be readjusted to accommodate the increase in the number of constituency MPs, which will rise from 350 to 400 in the next election.

At a press conference on Thursday, Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew said the announcement was meant to show voters that the party is capable of choosing candidates who can reach out to voters effectively and sympathise with their problems.

He also said Pheu Thai will unveil the names of its three prime ministerial candidates soon.

"We hope these PM candidates can lead the party to victory in the coming poll, and that people can rely on them to steer the country forward, Dr Cholnan said.

Prasert Chantararuanthong, Pheu Thai secretary-general, said several of the prospective candidates were members of other parties, while some were former local councillors or businessmen.

Among the would-be candidates seeking to run in Nakhon Ratchasima are many former Bhumjaithai MPs who belong to a faction led by former deputy transport minister Weerasak Wangsupakitkosol.

Asked if these former MPs will help increase Pheu Thai's chances of winning seats in the Northeast, Mr Prasert said that the group was a force to be reckoned with and they should be able to boost Pheu Thai's campaign in the region.

Mr Prasert then said Pheu Thai will launch a major pre-election campaign in Nakhon Ratchasima once the EC finalises the new electoral boundaries and all election candidates for the 400 constituencies nationwide are unveiled.

As soon as the EC's regulation on electoral boundaries takes effect, provincial election offices will present at least three draft electoral maps in order to gather feedback from all stakeholders.

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