'Sua' has a parlour: Chuvit
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'Sua' has a parlour: Chuvit

Chuvit Kamolvisit
Chuvit Kamolvisit

"Inspector Sua", the policeman allegedly involved in an online gambling network, used a nominee to operate a massage parlour, says Chuvit Kamolvisit, the massage parlour tycoon-turned whistleblower.

Mr Chuvit, also a former politician, on Sunday exposed more shady dealings undertaken by Pol Lt Col Wasawat Mukarasakul, also known as "Inspector Sua," that have surfaced after a raid on the online gambling network known as Macau888.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Chuvit said Inspector Sua also invested in casinos and online gambling businesses in Cambodia and runs a fresh market with the son of an infamous businessman who is involved in a shady Bangkok business.

Mr Chuvit said Inspector Sua also invested in a massage parlour named "Lalisa".

He said the senior officer secured it by taking over the licence of a parlour named "Copa Cabana" after its owner was charged with human trafficking in 2013. He said the name of one of Inspector Sua's employees was used as a nominee for the parlour owner.

Mr Chuvit also mentioned another senior policeman known as "General Jor" -- allegedly involved with an online gambling network run by Inspector Sua.

He said Gen Jor had a policy whereby anyone wanting to operate online gambling sites had to pay him between 50,000 baht to 200,000 baht a month, depending on the size of the business, in exchange for protection and not being caught.

He added that Gen Jor also take bribes from illegal oil smugglers.

In response to Mr Chuvit's claims, the Royal Thai Police ordered the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to look into the matters, including Pol Lt Col Wasawat's financial transactions.

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