Police team defuse car bomb
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Police team defuse car bomb

PATTANI: A woman found an improvised explosive device made from a gas cylinder strapped to the undercarriage of her SUV on Saturday night, which authorities have managed to defuse safely.

Enaz Haji Taye, a resident of tambon Thanon in Mayo district, reported the discovery on Sunday morning. Police dispatched an ordnance disposal team to her house and told her neighbours to evacuate as the team worked to defuse the bomb.

She told police investigators she had no idea how a bomb ended up underneath her SUV, as she had been travelling in the Bangkok-registered Mitsubishi Pajero since 10.30am on Saturday when she and two others went to pick up a friend in Muang district.

Around 11.00am they proceeded along the Yarang-Yala road to Yala town, where they stopped over at a restaurant to eat. At 1.30pm, they left the shop for Muang Mai market and arrived there about 2pm. There, two of them shopped while the others waited in the vehicle.

After that, they returned home along the Yala-Mayo road. On the way, they stopped to refuel at a PTT station at Khao Tum. Three of them went to pray at the petrol station's prayer room for about 20 minutes while one waited in the car. From the petrol station, they headed home to Mayo district, arriving at 3.30pm. The vehicle was then parked in the garage.

At about 8.30pm, Ms Enaz's niece went out of the house with a flashlight to look for a cat. While searching underneath the SUV, she found the gas cylinder tied under it.

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