Iran urged to assist bridge project
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Iran urged to assist bridge project

The Transport Ministry is seeking cooperation from Iran on cargo transport via a "land bridge" project in the southern region once it is completed.

Chayathan Phromsorn, permanent secretary for transport, met Seyed Reza Nobakhti, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on Friday to discuss transport cooperation with Thailand.

He said the project aims to develop a transportation system that is safe and accessible for the public under a 20-year development strategy.

The strategy promotes a "sustainable transport system", mainly focused on eco-friendly methods, he said.

The project aims to connect the transport systems of the Andaman Region and the Gulf of Thailand. The project, including a bridge to connect ports with rails and motorways, could ease transport logistics.

The government is also touting a "one port, two sides" system, which aims to use technology for seamless connectivity. The system reduced transport time in the Malacca Strait by five days, Mr Chayathan said.

This would help not only water transport but also the country's global economic competitiveness, he said. The bridge project is set to start in 2030.

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