Online scammers tout child modelling jobs
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Online scammers tout child modelling jobs

The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) is warning parents about child-modelling scams on Facebook after victims lodged complaints alleging they are a hook to sell things.

On Friday, CCIB spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen revealed that scammers were reported to have advertised an audition for children to join fashion shows and fashion shoots with promised pay of 450-750 baht per gig, he said.

"Some of the Facebook pages operating the scheme are Child Model Kids, KID Model 2023, Summer Model and Fashion Kid," Pol Col Krissana said.

Victims would be invited to join group chats where fake agents requested them to transfer some money to place orders on commodities of the agents' liking.

Pol Col Krissana said the victims were asked to pay higher prices for the commodities to secure their children's places in the modelling business. Moreover, the agents would not let the victims withdraw their money.

He stated that scammers usually followed the same pattern and used well-known brands to boost credibility. Netizens should double-check the account history of those posting the ads, he added.

Pol Col Krissana said that job ads by online scammers often promise high returns or easy requirements. However, it is important that valid job postings would not request payment of any kind to secure job positions.

Many of the scammers also ask for "registration" details which include personal and financial information. It is therefore recommended not to transfer money into any accounts other than those run by the bank or its staff.

Pol Col Krissana added that people could report anyone they suspect of fraud to the CCIB via their hotline -- 1441 -- or the telephone number 08-1866-3000.

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