Srisuwan to appeal after dept revokes his licence
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Srisuwan to appeal after dept revokes his licence

Srisuwan: Member quota not met
Srisuwan: Member quota not met

Political activist Srisuwan Janya said he will appeal an order revoking the registration of the Association to Protect the Thai Constitution, for which he serves as the secretary-general.

He said he would carry on with his work despite the registration being revoked, adding that he faces political pressure because of the nature of the job. "I'll carry on with my work...scrutinising politicians, political parties and state officials. I'll intensify my work," he said.

His comments came in response to a Department of Provincial Administration order dissolving the association on the grounds that it did not meet membership requirements.

According to the department, the association was registered on May 13, 2009, with three founding members and 11 prospective members.

However, the department found that three of those listed as potential members claimed they had never applied for membership in any capacity, while two more of those named admitted they had not attended a 2008 meeting held to acknowledge the formation of the association.

The department ruled that the statements constituted grounds to revoke the licence application as it did not meet the requirements stipulated in Section 81 of the Civil Code that an association must have at least 10 members.

The association can appeal the order within 15 days of being notified, and Mr Srisuwan said he will call a meeting with legal experts to look into the matter.

He insisted that he had received authorisation from all those named, but some of them, who are 70-80 years old now, could have forgotten about the 2008 meeting.

In June last year, lawyer Anantachai Chaidej, assigned by the Seri Ruam Thai Party, asked the department to dissolve the association after Mr Srisuwan accused Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt of not being transparent.

Mr Ananchai said Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeeyaves, leader of the party, appointed him to lodge a complaint seeking the association's abolition over the accusation.

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