Cabinet sets Yellow Line ticket prices
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Cabinet sets Yellow Line ticket prices

The cabinet on Tuesday approved the Yellow Line monorail fares with collection starting on July 3, said government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri.

According to five drafted Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) regulations, the fares on the 30.4-kilometre-long Yellow Line will start at 15 baht and be capped at 45 baht.

However, since the Yellow Line is interlinked with BTS's Green Line at Samrong Station, the Airport Rail Link at Hua Mak Station, and the MRTA's Blue Line at Lat Phrao Station, fares for trips which involve a train transfer will be calculated differently.

Passengers who switch from a line that is also operated by the MRTA won't have to pay a flag fall charge when they transfer to the Yellow Line. Those who are switching from a line run by other operators will not have to pay a flag fall charge as long as they transfer within 30 minutes.

The MRTA board also has full authority to develop other promotional tickets, such as student tickets, ticket sets, and monthly tickets, as well as other fare discounts and waived promotions that encourage people to use the train.

According to Mr Anucha, other issues relating to fare collection along the Blue and Purple lines will be included in the new MRTA regulations.

The Yellow Line monorail, linking Lat Phrao in Bangkok to Samrong in Samut Prakan, has been up and running for a free trial run since June 3.

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