Bangkok governor’s son apologises for anti-MFP rant
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Bangkok governor’s son apologises for anti-MFP rant

Sanpiti Sittipunt roasted online for branding ‘woke’ party supporters as ‘bratty teenagers’

An excerpt from the comments posted on Instagram, and since deleted, by Sanpiti “Sandee” Sittipunt.
An excerpt from the comments posted on Instagram, and since deleted, by Sanpiti “Sandee” Sittipunt.

The son of Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has apologised for an online tirade against the Move Forward Party, in which he called its supporters “bratty teenagers”, among other things.

Sanpiti “Sandee” Sittipunt, 23, was himself the target of widespread online abuse on Monday after he posted the Instagram message, which has since been deleted.

He branded the supporters of the coalition-leading party as “bratty teenagers and disobedient children” and criticised the party for lacking feasible economic policies and more.

Mr Sandee, who worked as a Pheu Thai campaign volunteer, wrote his commentary in English. “You had your turn,” he began, referring to Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat’s unsuccessful first bid to be approved as prime minister by parliament. “Let us, Pheu Thai, lead Thailand to the future. We delivered on economic priorities for the past 20 years.

“Thailand has the potential to become the 5th Tiger. We cannot achieve it if you keep complaining about social issues and laws. We must focus on the economy and how to bring money to people’s pockets. Move Forward is the party of wokeism and cancel culture.”

Amending section 272 of the constitution to curb the power of the Senate, as Move Forward proposes, will “never happen”, nor will amendments to other controversial laws.

“Pita as PM will never happen. NEVER,” he added.

“Next election, maybe try getting 65% of the vote like 2005 with Thai Rak Thai and I’ll reconsider my stance.

“You don’t have any feasible economic policies. Monopolies and big corporations don’t want you in power. Farmers want policies that cash them cheques, not gender ideology or woke performative bullshit.

“In summary, nobody wants you in charge. Only bratty teenagers and disobedient children.”

The internet predictably exploded, with Move Forward supporters directing pointed and sometimes personal remarks at the overseas-educated son of a prominent political figure. Within hours, Mr Sanpiti was in retreat, publishing an apology on his Facebook page.

“I regret my actions and would like to explain that I was only trying to express my opinions, I do not harbour hatred towards any parties or individuals,” he wrote. “Moving forward I am willing to listen to other people opinion as well as learning from everyone.

“To be clear, I think MFP policies are very practical and transformational, very innovative. I just don’t like the leadership or the people involved as well as the entire protest movement in 2020 .

“I fully own up that I am very privileged and elitist, that I am inexperienced and uneducated about Thai politics or politics. It is inappropriate and ill-advised of me to comment on politics despite my right to free speech. I am not qualified. 

“Over the past day, I have read hurtful comments about my physical stature, my intelligence and my background. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I admit that this is the consequence of my actions and I have enabled this. We must show empathy and kindness to others.”

Mr Chadchart said on Tuesday that his son regretted having written the diatribe. He said he spoke with his son about the matter and encouraged him to be “constructive” when expressing opinions.

The governor told TV Channel 3 that he did not force his son to issue an apology.

Mr Chadchart was a popular transport minister in the Pheu Thai government of Yingluck Shinawatra. He later left the party in 2019 and ran as an independent for Bangkok governor in 2022, winning one of the biggest victories in the capital’s history.

An excerpt from the post, since deleted, that Sanpiti Sittipunt made on Instagram.

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