SX2023 'blind tour' an eye-opener for some
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SX2023 'blind tour' an eye-opener for some

Expo eyes vulnerable groups, sustainability

A woman is guided by an employee during the 'Blind Experience'.
A woman is guided by an employee during the 'Blind Experience'.

The Sustainability Expo 2023 (SX2023) is offering a "blind experience" to help people understand the world of the visually impaired at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).

Deciphering forms of art on paper using their sense of touch brings participants closer to what it is like to be blind.

A group of students joins the 'Nice to See You' mini workshop.

SX2023 is the largest annual sustainability event in the Asean region. It also focuses on problems faced by vulnerable groups.

Some of the "blind" activities include a "Nice to see you" workshop in which participants are blindfolded before touching drawings made of woollen fabric on paper.

Touching the fabric texture allows people to understand what the drawing looks like and what its artist wanted to communicate. Blindfolded participants also emulate the way blind people concentrate on surrounding sounds.

There is also a learning-in-the-dark activity that simulates the experience of situations in daily life through sensory perception -- sound, temperature, touch, taste and smell -- in the dark, as well as exchanges with blind people while using a cane or braille block on a footpath.

The activity will also allow participants to create art in a dark area and learn how to eat like blind people.

The experience is being held for eight rounds a day free of charge until tomorrow in room 201 on the second floor at QSNCC. Each round lasts about 45 minutes.

Akira 'Wahncai' Wongseng, left, and Nipon Pila appear on the Talk Stage highlighting low-carbon tourism.

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt, second from left, poses for a photo after sharing information about city management with Hugh Lim, executive director at the Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore, second right. Photos by SX2023

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