Male cops can have longer hair

Male cops can have longer hair

National police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol has revised police regulations to allow male officers to grow their hair up to 5 centimetres long.

According to a police source, the 2023 uniform practice code scraps a regulation regarding police uniforms set in 2018.

In this regard, a male police officer is allowed to grow his hair on top of his head no more than 5cm, while both the sides and back of his head should be less than 1cm.

Previously, a male officer had to have a very short hair style with both sides and the back of head completely shaved, the source said.

In addition, police officers, assigned to investigation, intelligence, narcotics suppression or who are stationed in at-risk areas, are allowed to have a high-fade haircut, but permission must be granted by their superiors with the rank of superintendent and above.

Torsak: Will help save money

Regarding women officers with long hair, the source said they must tie their hair properly with a black hairpin.

The move to let male officers grow their hair came after the Royal Thai Police's Legal Affairs and Litigation Office was told by Personnel Division chief Pol Lt Gen Yingyos Thepjamnong that the national police chief wanted more relaxed regulations regarding hairstyle.

The source said the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is responsible for notifying senior police officers about the amended regulation.

Male officers will now not have to get a haircut once a week, saving those who go to private barbers money, the source said. It is not known if the change is in response to calls from the police themselves.

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