Cosmetics makers get aid to go global

Cosmetics makers get aid to go global

The National Science and Technology Development (NSTDA) has opened a one-stop service to assist entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry in entering the global market.

NSTDA director Chukit Limpijamnong said this industry is one of the agency's core businesses and has strong potential to grow in both local and international markets. As such, firms operating in the industry need strong support as they research and develop innovative technology.

The NSTDA has a clear policy of transferring research in the lab into commercial products, thus boosting the nation's economic prosperity.

Mr Chukit said the NSTDA has a Service Platform for Food and Functional Ingredients, known as Food SERP, which plays an important role in supporting the food and cosmetics industries.

Some entrepreneurs in the former field have found it difficult to launch their products overseas and need a reliable agency to issue a certificate for the active ingredients used in their products. The NSTDA has provided this service to facilitate their business, he said.

"We have paid attention to the Quick Win policy under the science minister's guidelines. Close cooperation between the NSTDA and the cosmetics-manufacturing group will help their businesses to grow faster with our strong support based on science and technology, including our one-stop service that helps them to get the documents they need to sell their products," he said.

The NSTDA and the Thai Cosmetic Cluster (TCOS) on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on R&D when it comes to cosmetics and the development of related manufacturing procedures.

The goal is to raise product quality via innovation and technology to make them more competitive in the global market and strengthen networks to create a positive impact on social, economic and environmental development sustainably, Mr Chukit added.

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