Cop uniform stunt probed

Cop uniform stunt probed

A Chinese tourist wears a Thai police uniform. (TV screen capture)
A Chinese tourist wears a Thai police uniform. (TV screen capture)

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Wednesday confirmed the Royal Thai Police is investigating a social media post containing a video clip of a Chinese tourist wearing a Thai police uniform with a nameplate, rank insignia and decorations, which he donned apparently for fun.

"That isn't right, and [the national police] needs to do something about it," said Mr Srettha when asked to comment on the clip.

The premier added he had also instructed Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsupakitkosol to speed up efforts to curb fake news, spread online, that affects Thailand's good reputation, and can harm the kingdom's tourism industry.

Pol Maj Gen Somporn Sajjapoj, deputy chief of and spokesman for the Police Education Bureau, said an inquiry was underway.

Pol Capt Jumroon Chaisri, who is attached to the bureau, gave his uniform to the tourist to wear. He insisted he didn't receive anything in return as the tourist just wanted to pose for a video, said Pol Maj Gen Somporn.

Pol Capt Jumroon also insisted he wasn't aware the tourist had posted the video on social media until it had stirred up controversy, said Pol Maj Gen Somporn.

A probe into the police captain's explanation would take 15-30 days, Pol Maj Gen Somporn said.

Pol Capt Jumroon, meanwhile, said he met two Chinese tourists at a shooting range behind the headquarters of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, and he offered them a lift in his car to the main road, which is a kilometre from the shooting range so the two could find a taxi.

While in his car, one of the tourists spotted his uniform and asked to wear it to take photos as a reminder of their encounter.

Pol Capt Jumroon said he agreed to the arrangement without realising the pictures would later be posted on the internet. He said he acted out of hospitality towards the tourists, not because he was paid to do so, as some have claimed.

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