Phuket plans for late closings

Phuket plans for late closings

Six measures issued for nighttime venues

The walking street in the Old Town area in central Phuket is clogged with visitors. (Photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran)
The walking street in the Old Town area in central Phuket is clogged with visitors. (Photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran)

Phuket has come up with six measures so that pubs and bars can stay open until 4am, with the new hours tentatively set for Dec 15.

A Phuket Provincial Administration Office source said on Wednesday that Phuket has carried out a public hearing on the matter as per government policy and agreed to extend the operating hours of nighttime entertainment venues until 4am.

The measure will be implemented in six zones located on Bangla Road in tambon Patong of Kathu district. The measure will also be implemented in 106 of 229 entertainment venues located in outer zones.

The extension of the hours is expected to increase the venues' earnings by 30-50% and boost the employment rate by 20-30%.

Most tourists tend to stroll along the road from the early evening, which helps spur the island's economy, the source said.

For the first of the six measures, CCTV cameras will be set up in the six designated zones, monitored by a special administrative unit and various agencies, the source said.

Secondly, tambon health promoting hospitals will work together to outline active health check plans in these areas to provide advice on people's health as well the sanitary conditions of staff accommodation and the entertainment venues themselves.

Thirdly, emergency mobile units will be stationed at police booths and near ThaiPan restaurants.

Fourthly, police units will be deployed to provide help with road and pavement traffic from 6pm-9pm, with patrols carried out around the clock.

Fifthly, rubbish and waste must be collected from 6am-6pm so it can be separated before being dumped on outer roads or at special spots arranged by the municipality.

To ensure the municipality is ready to suppress disasters and maintain safety in Muang Patong, three municipal units, two fire-fighting units, and 36 lifeguards -- four working overnight -- will be deployed.

Eight volunteer lifeguards will also be in action from 8pm to 8am.

In addition, some zones will be designated for cannabis smoking to avoid disturbing others.

Police, administrative and security officials will beef up their illicit drug suppression measures and take legal action against wrongdoers, the source said.

The distribution of alcoholic drinks will also be strictly controlled.

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