Alert issued about bogus consulates

Alert issued about bogus consulates

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is warning people to be on their guard against scammers claiming to be Thai consulate officials.

The warning comes after social media accounts and phone numbers supposedly belonging to Thai consulates were reported to be bogus in Australia and Japan.

Ministry spokeswoman Kanchana Patarachoke said on Friday that in Australia, scammers use telephone numbers, which were once but no longer used by the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Melbourne, to mislead victims.

Victims were asked for personal information or to connect via a Line account and make payments online.

The Sydney Royal Thai Consulate-General has already reported such incidents to Scamwatch.

Cases of a similar nature also occurred in Japan, Ms Kanchana said.

Scammers may also use phone numbers listed as "unknown" to pose as embassy officials in Tokyo to dupe victims into transferring money to the defrauders.

"Those who have fallen victims are Thais in Japan and also Japanese people who can understand Thai language," she said.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo urged victims duped into transferring money to immediately file complaints with the Japanese police. They can also contact the Thai embassy in Tokyo for further information at 090 4435 7812.

Ms Kanchana also warned people in Thailand about a Facebook page, Line account and mobile application imitating the Thailand Foreign Ministry Consular Department.

"People should always be careful when asked for personal information and contact information or to provide biometric data because they can be misused by scammers," she said.

The consular department's official website is

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