Revenue Department apologises for mysterious e-tax filing error

Revenue Department apologises for mysterious e-tax filing error

An error in the Revenue Department's My Tax Account system has been fixed and was not the result of a security breach, according to a department official.

The department issued a clarification after several taxpayers found two "mysterious" income items on the My Tax Account platform which is part of the department's e-tax filing system.

Concerned by an unknown source of income they had never received, some took the issue to the "Drama-addict" Facebook page.

The page administrator posted a message asking for information.

Attached in the post were photos showing the details: an item recording 9,000-baht income with a withholding tax of 900 baht, received from the Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications; and an item recording 10,000-baht income, with a withholding tax of 300 baht, received from Infofed, a private company.

Infofed later said it had checked information after receiving inquiries about the matter and found no record of those transactions.

The company said it would work with the Revenue Department to look into the matter.

In its clarification, the Revenue Department apologised for the misunderstanding, saying the mysterious income items were the result of an error that occurred during system maintenance on Friday evening.

The department said the error had now been resolved and the department's e-tax system is now functioning normally.

Vinit Visessuvanapoom, the department's deputy director-general, said the income information displayed is not an actual transaction but part of a system test. The issue was not the result of a security breach, he insisted.

"It is an error on the side of the department. It has nothing to do with the two agencies at all," he said.

Meanwhile, the Office of NBTC yesterday warned people to verify their tax information before submission and not to fall victim to scammers who might seize the opportunity to swindle them out of money.

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