Fears for Thais in Israel, Iran
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Fears for Thais in Israel, Iran

The government is closely monitoring the situation between Israel and Iran to prepare for the possible evacuation of Thai nationals from both countries.

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nikorndej Balankura, said yesterday that the conflict had intensified in the past week.

He said this prompted the ministry's permanent secretary, Eksiri Pintaruchi to speak to the Thai ambassadors in Tel Aviv and Tehran, as well as several agencies on April 17, to explore options to rescue Thais in those countries if the need arises.

According to a report he received, he said 28,000 Thais are currently living in Israel, and 300 are living in Iran.

At present, the Foreign Ministry is certain that no Thais have been affected by the conflict.

He said no one has asked for help at the embassies in both countries.

The government will keep a close eye on the situation and prepare evacuation plans if that proves necessary.

"We will keep monitoring and evaluating the situation closely. The most important thing is we need to be prepared to help Thai people if necessary by relocating them to safe places inside those countries. If the situation escalates, we need to have an evacuation plan to remove them from danger," he said.

Mr Nikorndej said the ministry has advised against travelling to these countries, adding that the embassies in Tel Aviv and Tehran are coordinating with Thai people there to update them about the situation and urge them to follow news reports.

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